Major price increases announced by cPanel

On 27th June, cPanel announced a dramatic overhaul in the way in which they license their software, resulting in major price increases for most service providers. This announcement came completely without warning. Unfortunately this means that we cannot continue to provide cPanel (your hosting control panel) as we currently do. We are ... Read More »

3rd Jul 2019
Only 2 weeks left to claim your reserved .UK domain name

If you currently hold a *.UK domain name which was registered before 28 October 2013 your .UK equivalent domain was automatically reserved for you up until 25 June 2019. Therefore you now have less than 2 weeks to claim this reserved domain name. On 25 June 2019 all previously reserved .UK domain names will be released for general sale. So if ... Read More »

13th Jun 2019
Have you claimed your reserved .uk domain name yet?

Back in June 2014 the UK domain name space was enhanced by the release of .uk domain names, which became available for the first time alongside, and domain names. To protect your existing name space or brand, if you registered a domain within the *.uk domain family before 28th October 2013 then your .uk domain was ... Read More »

9th Nov 2018
FREE SSL installed on all Pay Monthly Website Hosting accounts

With immediate effect, all new website hosting accounts created at Pay Monthly Hosting will have a cPanel SSL certificate installed by default. This means that there is no user action required by you to manually install a FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL, although you can still do this if you wish. We will ensure that the cPanel SSL is enabled for all ... Read More »

6th Sept 2018
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