Today we are pleased to announce that we now offer a Direct Debit payment option to all of our customers.

Over the past years we have listened to your feedback that numerous customers would prefer to use Direct Debit for their Pay Monthly Hosting plans. That way you can rest assured that your account will never fall overdue.

We will still generate invoices for you to keep accurate records for your business but you will not have to spend time paying an invoice manually every month.

Up until now the only option that we had provided was a recurring subscription via PayPal, which depended upon the customer either having an existing PayPal account or having to create one.

We have now partnered with GoCardless, who are perhaps the UK’s leading platform for providing recurring payments direct from your own bank account.

Any new invoices generated will have the option to select payment either by Credit Card/PayPal or to setup a Direct Debit.

For any new orders, please bear in mind that it can take several days to setup a Direct Debit with your bank and for us to receive the initial payment. Therefore we would not recommend this option for any new orders for services that you require activating immediately.

In this case you can still pay via Credit Card/PayPal for your initial invoice to have your service provisioned immediately and then create your Direct Debit mandate when any future invoice is generated.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

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