AutoSSL has renewed but the new certificate lacks some of the website’s domains

If you receive an email from the AutoSSL process reporting an error please read the email very carefully.

When AutoSSL is run, it is trying to secure your website, so it first tries to establish an insecure connection (HTTP) as it will assume that an SSL does not currently exist. If it can do this, it will install the SSL and report a successful installation.

However, if your site is forcing all users to use a secure connection (HTTPS), it clearly cannot establish an insecure connection (HTTP) in the first instance. Although this initial connection will report a failure, the process will still continue and the SSL will be installed successfully.

The confirmation email that you receive will record these errors but will also then inform you that the SSL has been installed.

Please read this email carefully as it explains this in detail for you as follows:

The Subject line and the first line of text is:

your domain(s) and the phrase "AutoSSL certificate installed!"

The email then reports the following error:

AutoSSL has renewed your domains Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificate. The new certificate lacks some of the website’s domains:

and provides a list of the failures.

If you read the text contained within each failure it explains exactly what has happened:

There is no recorded error on the system for “your domain”. This might mean that this domain failed DCV (Domain Control Validation) when the system requested the new certificate, but the domain has since passed DCV.

Below these error messages you will also see the report that the SSL certificate is now active for all the domains that were previously listed.

This is perfectly normal and can be discounted.

As advised in the email you can check the status of your SSL within cPanel and also disable these notifications if required.

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