Resources (Limits and Usage) - Server

Within cPanel you can see the particular server resources that are allocated to your individual cPanel account under CloudLinux.

At Pay Monthly Hosting we consider that this is a very generous resource allocation compared to what is offered by many other website hosting providers. This is certainly something that you should consider when comparing hosting services.

These are listed on the right hand side of the display under "Statistics".

Here you can see both the resource limits allowed and the current usage within your cPanel account as follows:

  • CPU (Speed): 100% of 1 core
  • Memory (PMEM): 2GB RAM
  • Disk I/O Throughput (IO): 5MB/s
  • IOPS: 1,024
  • Number Of Processes (NPROC): 100
  • Entry Processes (EP): 40

We limit these resources to ensure that we are delivering the speed and server performance required for optimal website hosting.

This ensures that the server load is balanced across all users and that one account is not affecting the service provided to other websites.

Other website hosting providers may promise to offer unlimited hosting and resources but typically their resource allocation, performance and level of service is so poor that your website literally "crawls" along.

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