Are there any hidden costs?

No, there are no hidden costs or charges. What you see on your order during the order process is what you pay.*

There are no set up fees at all for any of our low cost pay monthly hosting plans!

What is more important, is that when we say "Pay Monthly Hosting" that is exactly what we mean - you pay as you go for your website hosting every month.

Beware of other sites that advertise hosting at "so much" a month but then during the order process you find out that you have to pay for a whole year or even two years up front! Their "pay monthly" price is just a pro rata figure and they do not offer a true "pay monthly" service.

* You must stay within the resource limits allocated for the website hosting plan that you have purchased. We will attempt to warn you when you approach these limts to enable you to upgrade your website hosting plan. If you do not take preventative action and then exceed the disk space and/or bandwidth allocated, we will bill you for these "overages".

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