Email Address Verification

Email address verification is now being introduced for all our clients as an extra level of security. This adds an additional layer of authorisation and also helps prevent signing up using incorrectly typed email addresses. When creating a new account or amending the registered email address, an email is sent to the email address provided asking ... Read More »

16th Apr 2016
Special Offer - £1 off .me domain name registrations

For the next week only we are discounting the price of our .me one year domain name registrations from £10.99 to just £9.99.All you have to do is enter the following promotional code at checkout: savemeSo if you are looking for a cheap .me domain name registration deal hurry up!Get your domain name before someone else does!(Note: This discount ... Read More »

14th Mar 2016
Valentine's Day Flash Sale

To celebrate Valentine's Day we are having a Flash Sale. Any new Pay Monthly Hosting packages taken out today will qualify for a massive 50% discount.

All you have to do is enter the following promotion code at checkout: valentine

This promotional discount will only apply to new signups and will be for the first month only.

14th Feb 2016
Closer integration between cPanel and your administrative account

We have now introduced a significant improvement in the integration between the two different "accounts" you have with us to manage your pay monthly hosting services i.e. your website hosting control panel and your administrative Client Area.From within your cPanel account you can now directly access most of the major functions that you may need ... Read More »

7th Feb 2016
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