We have now introduced a significant improvement in the integration between the two different "accounts" you have with us to manage your pay monthly hosting services i.e. your website hosting control panel and your administrative Client Area.

From within your cPanel account you can now directly access most of the major functions that you may need from your administrative account with us without having to sign in to your Client Area separately.

You can now access the following areas or functionality from within your cPanel account for your domain:

1. Ordering

•View/Order Addons

•Register New Domain

•Transfer a Domain

2. Support

•Open Ticket

•View Ticket History

•News & Announcements

•Download Resources

•Search our Knowledgebase

•Check Network Status

3. Account Management

•Manage Profile

•View Billing Information

•Manage Billing Information

•View Email History

•View Invoice History

We sincerely believe that this added functionality will simplify the management of your account and streamline the process of interacting with us.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

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