What is JetBackup?

JetBackup is a fully automated professional backup solution.

JetBackup is provided FREE of charge to our Pay Monthly Hosting customers, whereas other service providers charge up to £5.00 per month for an automated backup service.

This takes a comprehensive weekly backup of your entire website hosting account, including files, databases, emails, and other key account configuration then stores it on a secure server. It also takes two daily automated database backups for you.

These copies of your backups are then available for you to selectively browse through and either restore to your account or download in just a few mouse clicks.

Although we provide this free service we would still recommend that you download your own backups on a regular basis. Your data is your responsibility!

Instructions on how to use JetBackup can be found in the cPanel documentation.

JetBackup has its own section in cPanel called JETBACKUP.


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