Video Tutorials are now working

Our suite of web hosting Video Tutorials are now working properly again.

8th Apr 2015
Fantastico De Luxe is now being replaced

Although Fantastico De Luxe has proved a useful and sometimes invaluable aid for installing software for our customers, we feel that it’s time to change to a system that we feel gives our customers a wider range of software to choose from. In particular we feel that the new system offers a range of CMS and website builders/templates that are a ... Read More »

7th Apr 2015
Video Tutorials currently unavailable

We are currently experiencing an issue where the Video Tutorials are not playing. This is being investigated and we will make an announcement when the issue has been resolved. Please use the cPanel contextual help if needed.

7th Apr 2015
Connectivity issues now resolved

The data centre issues which interrupted the connectivity for some of our clients has now been resolved.

18th Oct 2014
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