As part of our programme of continuous improvement, in order to consistently deliver better services to all of our customers, we will be making some improvements to our email systems.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be making changes to both the incoming and outgoing email filtering services we use on our servers.

For quite some time now we have used SpamExperts for both inbound and outbound email spam protection. This has proved a very effective tool but we have now identified a process that we consider far more efficient.

We will be replacing SpamExperts with a new improved system consisting of two independent screening and filtering methods. These will give you far more control over your inbound email screening and protect the integrity, and hence reliability, of your outbound email delivery.

Incoming email
All incoming mail will be scanned using MailScanner. This is fully integrated within your cPanel, and from here you will be able to amend your own individual spam score settings (or threshold at which an email is deemed to be spam), release any emails that have been incorrectly quarantined as spam, view statistics, report emails as spam and much more.

Outgoing email
All outgoing email will be routed through MailChannels. This service uses a large number of IP addresses and filtering techniques to make sure your mail is delivered quickly and reliably. It will also block outbound spam to protect against any of our services being blacklisted.

What do I need to do?
If you're using our nameservers or our DNS cluster you will not need to make any changes at all, we will take care of this for you.

If you are using a remote DNS provider and are using and as your MX entries, you will need to change these to match your own domain name instead. For example if your domain name is the MX record will also need to be set to

What benefits does this change bring?
There are many advantages to the new system, the main ones being:

• Outgoing mail is sent from an IP pool much larger than is currently available meaning a much smaller chance of email being blacklisted and not delivered.

• Outgoing email classified as spam will be blocked to prevent system abuse.

• Incoming email will not rely on a separate cluster of servers.

• Incoming email filtering is fully configurable by you.

• Fully GDPA compliant.

• Absolutely no DNS changes required.

Are there any disadvantages?
As this is a new system it may take a short time to identify all the spam email that you receive and quarantine it correctly. However, this process can be expedited by you reporting any spam email that you receive through the cPanel interface to help the new system “learn”. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

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