We will shortly be moving all of our hosted accounts from physical servers to a cloud based hosting solution. Not only will this provide greater reliability and security but an increase in performance and responsiveness.

In addition we will be providing improvements to the functionality and features included in your cPanel account.

We will enable the new Paper Lantern theme as standard on all accounts. This is to enable access to some of our new features. However, you will still be able to revert to the old legacy X3 theme if required.

The following will now be included FREE of charge:

R1Soft CDP backups and restore
Daily backups will be run automatically and you will be able to select and restore from a library of backups to restore your website or database.

MagicSpam Protection
Powerful leading edge anti-spam technology with a clean user interface that is easy and intuitive to use.

Simple automatic installation of over 300 popular suites of software for your website. User ratings and reviews of the individual programs are available along with demo’s before you install them.

Zyro Site Builder
Simple drag and drop style website builder with over 100 templates pre-designed and ready to go.

In line with these new improvements the following old functionality will be discontinued:

MailScanner - to be replaced by MagicSpam Protection

QuickInstall - to be replaced by Softaculous

Web Templates - to be replaced by free Zyro Site Builder

SiteBuilder (a paid add-on) - to be replaced by free Zyro Site Builder

Dedicated IP addresses (a paid add-on) - not required as cloud hosting uses SNI which makes a dedicated IP address requirement redundant for SSL certificates.

We will manage the migration process closely to ensure that there is no disruption to your services and that there is no, or very little downtime during the transition.

We will inform you both before and after the migration to ensure that you are aware of the changes that are being made. We will also resend your Hosting Account Information email which will reflect the new details for you account.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

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